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April 26, 2005

Water Temp 66 degrees.

Catch Crappie. Catch Big Crappie. Catch More Bigger Crappie Faster. Bigger Faster More Crappie. Crappie, Crappie, Crappie, I tell you! Sometimes I feel like a robot working a production line on this Crappie factory called Kentucky Lake! A happy robot that is.

It is truly amazing that after 60 years this lake still pumps out astounding numbers of big Crappies. I've seen more big catches of Crappie come to the cleaning station this year than I can remember in any of my previous 11 springs of guiding. Wow!

The bad News:
For me the big Crappie bang is over till fall. No, the spawn is not over, but I've gone from knowing I'll catch 30+ keepers a day to hoping I'll catch 20. The fish are more scattered now. Some are done spawning, some still are, and a few haven't started yet. I'm having to fish a lot of spots and getting a few here and a few there. I'm doing my best still on shallow spawning areas. I'm catching my fish on 1/16 oz chartreuse and white curly tails. I'm also catching fish on a 1/16 oz jig with chartreuse tube under a bobber set 2 to 5' deep. I've been seeing others catching fish on slip bobbers & minnows. It seems that most people are catching more short fish (less than 10") than keepers.

The good news:
I call this time of year a "Smorgasbord: time of year.

For example: I fished with Bob & Jesse McGregor several days ago. Jesse by the way is in the Navy. After fishing with him I have a renewed respect for the US Military. They just wanted the best action I could give them and a good meal of fresh fish. I took them bass fishing first.

We started the day on a main lake submerged point throwing Carolina Rigs. I was hoping for a big Small Mouth. After 30 minutes and no takers, we went to a medium depth bank with stumps in 6' of water and threw medium running cranks. Here we saw a River Otter playing and caught a 4LB Largemouth Bass (which we released). The Largemouth we caught took the bait after being hung on a stump so I deduced that a Texas Rigged lizard might be a better choice of baits. So we switched to a Texas Rig and caught a couple more bass, but they were small and scattered. We then moved out to a secondary point and went back to our Carolina Rig. Here we found good action and fair sized fish. We caught 15 bass on this point. About half were 15" plus. We went to another secondary point and caught a 5 pounder. We then went to two humps and caught a decent bass on each. We caught these fish 9’ to 18' deep on a 1/2 oz Carolina Rig with a Pumkin/Chartruese Zoom Dead Ringer.

The shallowest bass seemed to be small males wanting to bed. The 6’ to 9' bass were our biggest. The deep fish were 15" females staging before heading shallow to spawn.

Decent bass action for 6 hours, we then went for dinner. I went to a shallow (3' deep) Crappie point. We used a 1/32 oz jig tipped with a wax worm set 2 1/2 foot under a weighted bobber. We caught 5 nice Crappie, 4 big Red Ears, and 5 big Bluegill. Put them with our "accidental" 15" Sauger while bass fishing and they had a "Smorgasbord" fresh fish dinner!

So to sum this all up, here's the way I see it.
Crappie fishing is on the way out but fair catches can still be made. Bass fishing is getting good and should get better. Red Ear and Bluegill fishing isn't quite there but will be awesome on the next full moon.

Now it's Smorgasbord time!

Captain Kirk, out.

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