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Oct 26, 2012

Air Temperature: Low 42 High 50
Water Temperature: Low 65 High 66
Water Elevation: 356' (Summer pool 359/ winter pool 354)
Water Clarity: 3' to 4' Visibility green stain

When I take people fishing on KY Lake I like to catch lots of fish. Fishin's fun, but catching is more fun! Most of my clients will agree. That's why I like to Crappie fish while keeping a sharp eye out for active bass in October. Plus while Crappie fishing we'll catch a large variety of the game fish available in KY Lake.

This past October will go down in history as one of the windiest I can remember in my 19 years as a guide. Luckily, I've planted lots of brush in this lake for every wind direction and it payed off big this month. There seems to be a real
good number of 11" to 12" Crappie in the lake right now. On the calmer days we smoked 'em on the breezy days we still got a good mess. Most of the fish still seem to be on the main lake, but with November fast approaching, more and more fish will come in the bays and wind will not be as big of an issue (hopefully).

We've just posted lots of new pictures on the "Pictures" page of our website. We also have a new fishing video with MidWest Outdoors. It will be up on our website soon, but look for it on their TV show.

Notes on Action: Fall is traditionally a little tougher bass fishing but there are spells where the action couldn't be any better. Smallmouth action in particular picks up.
What to Use: Crankbaits, spinnerbaits, jerkbaits, green pumpkin jigs, plastic worms, topwaters and the umbrella rigs will all work right now but you can't beat a live shiner or better yet, a live shad in the fall.
Where to Fish: Part of the reason this time of year is tuff bass fishing is the fact that the fish are being caught from 25' deep on the main lake to 1' deep in the backs of bays. As the water cools below 60 degrees I look for the umbrella rig action to get great again. We're at 65 degrees and falling fast. Right now I know of a few good schools of bass 22' deep, a few on main lake shallow ridges (3' with grass), a few on 10' flats in the backs of bays.

Notes on Action: The action on Crappie has been really good on 11" to 12" fish with an occassional fish over 2 Lbs. It is amazing how fast Crappie grow in this lake. I was getting an average fish of 10.5 " in August now they're averaging 11.5."
What to Use: Minnows or jigs trolled, spider rigged, cast or verticle fished will catch Crappie right now. I prefer casting or vertical fishing with one pole per person.
Where to Fish: Crappie can be caught from 3' to 30" deep in the bays and on the main lake, around wood cover. I've done best on the main lake this past month.

Notes on Action: In my opinion, October is one of the top three months to catch a good bunch of big Bluegill on KY Lake.
What to Use: Night crawlers, wax worms, crickets and small jigs will get 'em.
Where to Fish: Along steep rocky banks, on shallow main lake ridges and around Crappie brush piles are all good places.

Notes on Action: The Yellow Bass action has been fast and furious with lots of 9" to 10"
fish being caught. Stripers and White Bass can still be caught on occasion.
What to Use: Spoons, spinners, small jigs and minnows will catch you some.
Where to Fish: Gravel rises on the main lake and in the bays.

Notes on Action: Good catches of Blues and Channel Cats are being made.
What to Use: Hot dogs, shrimp or minnows will catch 'em.
Where to Fish: Fish are still being caught on the river channel edge 45' deep but you're liable to catch some anywhere on the lake.

That's all for now. If there are any "Die Hards" that want to "brave the elements" and get in on this great fall fishing, call 877-354-6017.

See ya on the water.
Captain Kirk, out!

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