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June 9, 2016

Captain's Log

Air Temperature: Low 60 High 89
Water Temperature: Low 79 High 81
Water Elevation: 359.2' ( 359' Summer pool)
Water Clarity: Fairly clear, 3 ft visibility, green stain

June is historically one of the best, if not "The Best" month for catching good numbers of quality-size Bass on KY Lake. This time of year the shallows have gotten a little too warm and a lot of the fish go deep to find both shade and cooler temps. This pattern usually holds up until the whole lake warms up, at which point the fish come shallower to take advantage of better oxygen levels. You can still catch fish fairly shallow now, but I like to take advantage of these large schools of deep fish on offshore structure.

A couple days ago my client and I had an extra good day. Dave Naleway and I caught Sauger, Crappie and Bass on humps off the river channel. You may want to check out June 6th, 2016 pictures on my website. Dave sure is a good "Fish Model" and "Fish Catcher". Thanks for the good time Dave!

If you don't like to fish deep, you might want to take advantage of the May Fly hatch we had recently. A friend of mine caught Bass, Bluegill, Yellow Bass, and Catfish the other day fishing Bluegill bugs under trees over hanging the water on deep banks.

Notes on Action: Find one of those large schools of Bass on offshore structure and it is possible to catch over 30 quality fish on one spot!
Where to Fish: Offshore structure has been best. Humps, ridges, creek and river channel intersections have been best. Good action still on mainlake banks and points. Think deeper...15' to 35'
What to Use: 1/2 oz to 1 oz jigs, big worms Texas rigged, drop shot small worms, Carolina rigged soft plastics, spoons, big spinner baits and swimbaits will all catch fish. You have to try several and see what they want.

I've caught some 15' deep on mainlake brush. I've heard of a few good catches on 8' flats in the back of large bays. Minnows seem to be best.

Notes on Action: Not as good as a month ago, but still decent catches can be made,especially around May Fly hatches.
Where to Fish: Deeper mainlake rocky banks with a few trees overhanging the water.
What to Use: Redworm, night crawlers, wax worms, crickets, small jigs, and tiny spoons will get 'em.

Notes on Action: Sporadic good action can be found.
Where to Fish: Humps and creek intersections with the river channel. 15' to 25' deep.
What to Use: 3/8 oz inline spinners, 1/2 oz spoons or minnows.

Notes on Action: Great action can be found on spawning Channel Cats. the Blue Cats are a little slower but good.
Where to Fish: 20' to 30' deep near the river channel.
What to Use: Night crawlers, leeches, minnows, or homemade baits.

It can be a little warm on the lake this time of year so remember to drink plenty of water, use sun screen, take some boat rides, and fish early mornings and you may experience the best fishing of your life.

The FLW Bass Tournament starts today. They're going to catch 'em good.

To book a trip call 877-354-6017 or email

Thanks for reading my report.
Captain Kirk, out

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