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May 5, 2017


Air Temperature: Low 45 High 65
Water Temperature: Low 67.5 High 70
Water Elevation: 358' Rising (359' Normal pool)
Water Clarity: Getting a little dirty in places

Early May is typically when Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, and Channel Cats spawn heavily. This has been true lately. Usually our lake is full pool or slightly high this time of year. This has not been the case lately. We were 3' low a few days ago and now we're heading to be high in a few days. That's May for ya, ussually a little wet. The full moon is approaching and water temps are right. There are lots of spawning fish to be caught in KY Lake right now. All we have to do is locate them and give them a good presentation of an apprealing lure and they're ours! I'm glad I'm not trying to fish the Mississippi right now!

Note on Action: The bass are heading quickly to the later stages of their spawn and some, I'm sure, are post spawn.
Where to fish: Points have been most productive lately with low water levels but that will change in a few days. As the water rises some will go with it and some will stay put.
What to Use: Spinnerbaits, crankbaits, jigs, and soft plastics will catch fish right now.

Notes on Action: I've seen some spawning activity but believe the biggest part of the spawn is ahead of us.
Where to Fish: Gravel points, numos and shallow stake beds have been producing fish.
What to Use: Crickets, waxworms, nightcrawlers, and small jigs will all catch some.

Notes on Action: The Crappie bite has been extra good this past month and still holding up decently. We seem to have good numbers in the lake. Still some spawning fish but getting few as I write this. I have been catching more post spawn fish.
Where to Fish: Still catching fish as shallow as 3' and as deep as 25' around wood cover.
What to Use: 2" to 3" grubs have been producing as well as minnows

Notes on Action: Good action on cats.
Where to fish: Deep ans shallow rocky banks are a favorite place for channel cats to spawn.
What to Use: Night crawlers are a sure bet for some action.

Thanks for reading my report. If you like to view recent pics just click on the Pictures tab from my website.
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See ya on the water!
Captain Kirk, out

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