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July 21, 2005

Water Elevation: 358.2
Water Temperature: 83

Best Bite:
It’s ”Spoonin” time here on Kentucky Lake! This time of year there is no easier way to go catch a good mess of fish than to tie on a flashy spoon, cast or drop it to bottom and jerk it up off bottom as you’re reeling in. You WILL catch fish!

Depending on where your boat is sitting, you’ll catch White Bass, Yellow Bass, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Sauger, Crappie, Catfish, Drum, Bluegill, Stripers, and who knows what else! Some people might call this ”Junk Fishing”, but I call it ”Fun For The Whole Family Fishing”. Even the most inexperienced fishermen seem to be especially good at it. It is common to catch over 100 ”Fish” in a half day trip fishing spoons only.

I fish 1/4 oz to 1 oz spoons depending on the depth of the water. You can catch fish in 3 ft to 8 ft of water in the backs of bays, on gravel bars at the mouths of bays, and shallow ridges in the middle of the main lake. I’ve been doing best fishing 20 ft to 28 ft deep on ridges, just off the main river channel. The most important thing to catching fish on spoons is the presence of bait fish. I fish 1/4 oz to 3/8 oz Cast Master Spoons shallow and oz to 1 oz Pirk Minnow Spoons deep.

I find the most exciting thing about spoon fishing is that when you set the hook on a fish, you don’t know what you’ve got ´till you see it. It may be a wall hanger Bass or a lb White Bass. One thing is for sure: It’s fun catching fish!

I’m still catching good bass, but not the numbers or size I was catching in June and early July. The best bite for me has been shallow (3 ft to 8 ft) or deep (20 ft to 25 ft). Most fish are coming on flats. I’ve caught bass on Texas Rigged 10” worms, Carolina Rigs, Jig & Pig, shallow cranks, spinner bait, spoons, Tail Spinners, Rattle Traps, Texas Rigged Sinkos, and I’ve heard and believe there is a good top water bite in the mornings. Fishing docks, stake beds, lay down logs, and grass is all productive. I’ve done best fishing shallow bars at the mouths of bays and shallow river ridges. I’ve caught a lot of bass (Largemouth & Smallmouth) fishing a Tail Spinner made by Revenge Baits on shallow (6 ft to 8 ft) river ridges.

Fair fishing can be found fishing gravel bars 3 ft to 8 ft deep with a small jig (1/32 oz.) and wax worm. Bridge pillars and grass beds in bays are also productive.

I’ve seen a few good catches on minnows fished 12 ft to 18 ft deep at the mouths of bays and on main lake ledges.

White Bass:
Good numbers are being caught, although they seem to be a little on the small side. Fish shallow river ridges with Spoons and Rooster Tails in the morning, then fish deeper ridges (20 ft to 28 ft deep) in the middle of the day. I’ve been seeing some jumps in the morning. 3/8 oz Rooster Tail in silver chartreuse seems to work best.

I’ve caught more and bigger Sauger this summer than usual. Minnows fished 20 ft to 30 ft deep on the river channel edge seems to be best. I’ve caught many on Spoons, Tail Spinners, and Texas Rigged Sinkos.

Excellent fishing can be found fishing minnows 35 ft to 50 ft deep on the river channel edge. For most poundage of fillets, you can’t beat catfish.

See ya on the water.

Captain Kirk, out!

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