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August 25, 2005

Air Temp: Low 70, High 90
Water Temp: 85 degrees
Water Elevation: 356.3


Today I had a day off. So what did I do? I went fishing! I told my beautiful Bride I needed to do some scouting and off I went. Just me, the lake, and the fish. Sometimes it’s really nice to get out by myself. The only problem with this is I have no one to verify the authenticity of this story. I do have someone to share my day with though. You! The thought did cross my mind to just keep my mouth shut and go have another good day, but that’s my job. My job is to help you catch fish on Kentucky Lake!

I hit the water at the crack of dawn, the cool air has just a hint of Fall. My first stop was a main lake river channel edge hump about 15’ deep, dropping to 30’ nearby. I’ve smoked the White Bass here for the past two weeks. I noticed a lack of birds (Gulls) on the area so I just graphed it with my depth finder. It looked like they were still there, but I had bigger fish on my mind, so I left and headed to the very back end of a bay. Here, I found what I was looking for! Largemouth Bass were running and busting on Shad. I could occasionally see their backs come out of the water. The bass were in 3’ or 4’ of water just on the outside of a weed bed. Perfect! I positioned my boat a long cast from them in 6’ of water and cast a Spook Jr. just past the busting fish and walked it over them. The bass couldn’t resist , they exploded on the bait. Six casts produced six nice, healthy bass, each about 17”.

I then decided to experiment with baits. I caught fish on a Popper, a Buzz Bait, a shallow Crank Bait, a Spoon, a 100 Series Sammy, and a worm. I then switched back to the Spook Jr. They liked that best! The bite slowed so I left. I went to the back end of another bay and caught fish again. Same pattern. It was about 9AM, so I figured the shallow morning bite was over. I guessed I had caught and released at least 20 bass. Most were Largemouth, two Smallmouth Bass, (all fish were mostly 16”, but I had a couple 3 pounders). A good morning, I felt!

I decided to check on some ledges so I headed back out to the main lake. I passed a good river bank (White Bass spot) and decided to check it out. Here, I caught a couple White Bass, several Yellow Bass, and two Sauger. All in 22’ of water on 1/2 OZ Spoon. Nothing too exciting so I headed on up the lake. I went by a good Catfish hole so I stopped and graphed it. Sure enough....big arches at 40’. Right where they were a week ago, only today, it looked like there were more there. No interest in cats today so I headed on. I went a little piece and spotted a flock of Gulls diving into the water. I headed for them. As I got close, I could see what looked like a big White Bass jump, but it wasn’t. They were Largemouth Bass busting Shad up on a big 8’ to 10’ flat! It looked like more than 100 fish in the school! I first caught them on top using the Spook Jr. Then I threw a 10” worm and caught them. Then a Crank bait and caught them. Then a Wacky Worn, and caught them. I even caught one on a pole I’d laid down with a bait barely touching the surface of the water! When the bite finally slowed, I guessed I must have caught 50 fish out of that school! I thanked God for a great day on the water and headed in. Whew! This fishing sure is a tough job!

To summarize this story, today fished like September. Good bass fishing! Good White Bass fishing! Good Cat fishing! And probably could have been good Crappie fishing too!


Best action is shallow, but I’ve caught some bigger fish deep. Fish 10” worm or jig on drops from 18’ to 25’ deep.

Fish jigs and minnows on main lake brush 12” to 15” deep. Good catches can be made, but the action may not be consistent.

Fish vertical pillars and concrete walls 10’ to 15’ deep.

Fish the main river channel with large shiners 40’ to 50’ deep.

Limits are regularly being caught on main lake ridges 15’ on top to near 30’ water. 3/8 oz Rooster tails and Spoons.

See you on the water!
Capt. Kirk, Out!

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