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September 29, 2005

Air Temp: Low 50 - High 85
Water Temp: 80 (but falling)
Water Elevation: 355.5

The fish are where you find them! I’ve fished pretty hard these past few weeks and this statement sure seems to sum things up. I’ve caught fish from 40 foot deep to surface. One thing is for sure, the fish are with the bait fish. The problem with that statement is that the bait fish are everywhere this time of year. So I just go fishing; searching shallow, medium, and deep water and sometime during the day, we’ll connect with cooperative fish. The bite has been hot and cold but all in all, I’ve been having good days. You know what? That’s fishing! I expect the fish to improve significantly with the cooler temps we are finally getting.

Yesterday we caught fish on a Spook JR on secondary points. We caught more and bigger fish on a Spinner Bait and a 10” Plum Worm fished 12´ to 18´ on main lake points and on 10’ to 12’ flats in bays. We also caught fish in main lake grass beds on shallow river ridges. Today, we caught quite a few nice Largemouth and one 3 Lb Smallmouth on spoons, fished on 12’ flats. I’ve also been catching fish on Fire Tiger DT 10’s fished on main lake ridges that top out at 8’. I know that’s a lot of different patterns but that’s one of the great things about this can catch ´em many different ways.

We’ve been spending part of our days catching some nice Crappie. We’ve caught fish in bays 6’ to 10’ deep, and on main lake ledges 10’ to 20’ deep. Catching them mostly on 3/32 oz jigs. White and Lavender seem to work well. Also caught some on minnows fished 10’ to 20’ deep.

Action has been sporadic but very good at times. Sea Gulls are still giving them away! Catching them on spoons and Rooster Tails on 10´ flats.

I’d like to take this opportunity to say a big ”Thank You” to TVA and the DNR for a job well done! Years ago TVA planted Cypress Trees along the shoreline in strategic places. Not only do these trees add beauty to the lake, but they are Fish-Magnets in the Spring! For a full week this past Spring I fished nothing but Cypress Trees for Bass. Five or six years ago they introduced a new type of grass that would only grow 5’ deep. This Fall when the water was drawn down, this grass grew extremely fast and now we have huge grass beds out in the main lake. These grass beds are full of fish and rekindle memories of the grass fishing we had 15 years ago. This grass will breath new life into our already productive lake. I see bass fishing , in particular, to just get better and better. Maybe these guys who control the water level of our lake do know what they’re doing. You know some reservoirs fluctuate 20’. Ours only fluctuates 5’. I think TVA and our Department of Natural Resources deserve a big pat on the back (this is just my opinion and if yours differs please don’t be offended).

Good Fishing To All

Capt Kirk, out.

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