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April 20, 2006

Air Temp: 76 High / 58 Low
Water Temp: 66 degrees AM / As high as 75 in the afternoon
Water Elevation: 358.5

Without a doubt, the fastest fishing action to be found right now is on Bluegill and Red Ear Sunfish. The warmer than usual weather has brought the Bluegill and Red Ear to the shallows to spawn a little earlier this year. By fishing 2’ to 6’ deep on pea gravel banks, you can catch an astronomical number of hand size gills and a fair number of brutish Red Ears over a pound. Crickets, night crawlers, red worms, wax worms, or a small spider jig all produce.

I’m still catching good size Crappie, but the bite has slowed. The fish seem to be scattered. I can catch Crappie from 2’ to 26’ deep. The problem I’m having is that I’m not catching big wads in any one place. It’s a few here and a few there. Yet, by fishing a lot of spots it’s still possible to catch 30 nice Crappies in a day’s fishing. My best bite lately has been 10’ to 14’ on offshore ledges. I’ve been catching fish on a 3/32 oz chartreuse hair jig and on minnows.

The Largemouth are definitely spawning. Smallmouth are probably mostly post spawn. Smallmouth are being caught on main lake pea gravel points on Carolina rigged 4” soft baits and on Bandit crank baits, mostly 8’ to 10’ deep. Largemouth are being caught on Texas and Carolina rigged lizards along the shoreline in 2’ to 10’ of water. Some fish are also being caught in the yellow flowers on light tube baits or Senkos.

Channel Cats are starting to show up on the rocks along shore. Fish night crawlers or leeches in 4’ to 10’ of water for good results.

This is a great time for people new to the lake to experience the beauty and bounty of Kentucky Lake. Our foliage is a bright green, turkeys and other birds can be heard, and most of the wildlife are busy starting new families. A very enjoyable way to fish this time of year is to tie a 6” lizard with a 1/8 oz slip sinker on one pole, and put a weighted bobber with a 1/32 oz jig on another. Just fish down the bank casting your lizard right to shore and dragging it back to the boat. You’ll catch bass as you go along and every now and then you’ll get lots of rapid little bites you can’t hook. When this happens, cast your jig & bobber in that area and you’ll catch Bluegill and Red Ears. When the bite subsides or you get tired of catching gills just pick up your lizard and fish on down the bank until it happens again. Green pumpkin chartreuse tail is my favorite color lizard. Putting a wax worm on your 1/32 oz jig will increase your catch of gills. Fish this way, this time of year and odds are you’ll fall in love with Kentucky Lake.

Have Fun!
See ya on the water!
Capt Kirk, out!

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