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May 8, 2006

Water Temp: 68 to 74
Air Temp: High 77 / Low 57
Elevation: 359.2 Summer Pool
Water Clarity: Little dirty in places to clear in others

We’ve had a cool spell these past couple weeks with a fair amount of rain. This has slowed the spawn for Bass and Bluegill, but it has worked to my advantage. Instead of all the fish going at once, they have been spawning now for 3 weeks, and they’re still coming.

Right now (and for the next week) will probably be the best Bluegill / Red Ear fishing of the entire year. Fish small jigs, crickets, wax worms, or earth worms in 3’ to 5’ of water on pea gravel points from the mouth of bays to 2/3 back for fast action on nice gills and red-eared Sunfish. Catching big numbers of Bluegill and more than usual numbers of big Red Ears.

Bass fishing is good! Putting together a specific pattern can be a little frustrating at times though. Bass can be caught from top water to 23’ deep right now. Some are finished spawning while others are yet to spawn. I’ve caught fish this past week on spinner baits, tubes, trick worms, Senkos, lizards, 10” worms, 4” worms, deep crank baits, and shallow crank baits. From the mouths of bays, out in the main lake, main lake points, and in the bushes in the backs of bays. Bass are EVERYWHERE! The most consistent pattern for me has been a Carolina rigged lizard, worm, or baby brush hog fished 10’ to 15’ deep on main lake points, or 5’ to 10’ deep on secondary gravel points in the bays (but near the main lake), OR 8’ to 12’ deep on flats with grass in the back 2/3 of bays. Watermelon with chartreuse tail has been effective. I hear some big bags are coming on Luck Craft deep cranks on ledges.

I haven’t Crappie fished for a week, but I have caught some nice sized Crappie while Bluegill fishing 3’ deep. If I were to go, I’d fish 12’ to 20’ deep on the main lake with minnows. I’m sure it is still possible to catch fish on curly tails in the usual places. Trolling with medium running crank baits is usually effective this time of year also.

The FLW boys are in town preparing for their tournament this week. I’m sure they’re all catching fish and are excited about their chances of winning. It will be interesting to see if the biggest bag will come out of the bushes or out on ledges. Good luck to all and may the best man win!

Have fun!
See you on the water.

Capt Kirk, out!

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