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July 26, 2006

Water Temp: 84 degrees

Water Elevation: 358


With the slightly cooler temps lately and the lowering of the lake, the bass are acting like it’s fall. There is a fair bit of color in the water and this is making for an excellent spinner bait bite. I’ve been seeing bass busting surface on 10’ deep humps in bays, 6’ deep ridges at the mouths of bays, 6’ deep flats in the backs of bays, and on shallow main lake ridges. I’m still catching some big bass deep on the main lake, but the best action seems to be shallower with quite a few 2 1/2 to 3 LB fish. The morning and evening bite seems best, but I’ve caught ´em good in the middle of the day also.

I’ve been catching fish on 10” worms, Baby Brush Hogs, Wacky Worms, 6” lizards, spinner baits, Sammy 100’s and deep running and shallow running crank baits. Best colors seem to be June Bug and motor oil chartreuse for soft plastics and white and chartreuse for spinner baits.


I Crappie fished yesterday for the first time since the end of April and I was a little surprised to find them somewhat agreeable. We caught 12 nice ”Keepers” in 4 hours on minnows fished 8’ to 14’ deep on the main lake. I believe they would have bit a jig too. Four of the fish were near 2 Lbs each.


I’ve heard the Bluegills are biting real well around trees overhanging the water. We’ve had a good Mayfly hatch and that will really turn these fish on! Fish poppers or wax worms or red worms.


Fish are being caught on spoons and spinners on the main lake river channel, but I’ve been seeing some surface busting fish on main lake flats around 10’. I’m starting to notice more seagulls too. That’s GOOD!


I went out the other evening to break in my new motor. I was cruising up the lake when I spotted a bunch of deer in the back of a bay. There were no other people fishing in this bay so I swung in for a closer look. I shut her (the boat) down in the last 8’ of water in the back of this bay. What a beautiful setting! 14 deer were feeding chest deep in water just like you would see a moose doing in Canada. Four of the deer were good sized bucks. There were also 15 geese and several Blue Herons. I just sat there watching for quite some time. It was so quiet with the only sounds being the deer sloshing around and the geese making feeding noises. It was so peaceful...then all of the sudden, ”SPLOOSH” ”SPLOOSH” ”SPLOOSH” A school of bass started busting around my boat! Well, I just so happened to have a rod with a spinner bait handy. I caught 12 bass in about 15 casts, all about 3 Lbs, and two were Small mouths.


(True story)

Good Fishing!

Capt Kirk, Out!

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