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July 13, 2007

Air Temp: Low 64 / High 87

Water Temp: 84

Water Elevation: 358.2 (359 is Summer Pool)

Water Clarity: Green stain 3-4 ft Visibility

My fishing buddy (Deano) gave me a good bit of fishing trivia the other day. He told me there was a poll taken on ESPN for what the most exciting sound in sports was. The winning sound was that of the drag slipping as a big fish tried his best to run all the line off his spool. EEEEEEEEE EE E EE! That evening there was a lot of excitement in our boat! We caught approximately 15 true Stripers that ran 4 to 12 Lbs. a piece. On 8 LB test line they gave us some memorable battles. Great fun! We’ve boated more good sized stripers this year than I ever have before on KY Lake.

Another day we were in the midst of a big school of White Bass busting shad on the surface. Tim (my fishing buddy that day) told me he was having a ”sensory overload” as we frantically cast spinners into them catching fish on every cast.

Today we caught all the White Bass we wanted in the first hour of morning then got lucky and found a school of big largemouth chasing 4” to 6” shad out of the water. Our best 5 fish probably would have went 20 Lbs. Another day we stumbled upon a school of Blue Cats that would boggle your mind. We caught a few and went on.

Other times on other days we went for boat rides and settled for smaller fish. I’m not saying it’s always easy catching fish on KY Lake, but I know that if I keep after them I’ll eventually get ´em. Check out pictures on my website if you’d like to see proof.

Main lake 10’ to 20’ deep. Fish big worms, big cranks, big spinner baits, or spoons for big fish. There is a top water bite on shallow flats in backs of bays and on shallow gravel bars. Poppers are productive.

Fish oz rooster tails and 1 oz spoons 20’ to 30’ deep on old river bank.

Fish 1/4 to 3/8 oz rooster tails and oz spoons on creek channel and river channel banks 10’ to 25’ deep, or run the flats looking for busting fish.

Fish 30’ to 50’ deep on main river channel. Minnows, leeches, or shrimp will do the trick.

Wait till September

Fish spoons or minnows 20’ to 30’ deep on river channel banks.

Small poppers, crickets, or worms fished under over hanging trees will give good action.

Fish oz or 1 oz spoons on the main river channel 25’ to 35’ deep and hang on! We got one yesterday that went 20 Lbs easy.

Good Fishing and I’ll see ya on the water! (Some of you more than others).

Capt Kirk, out!

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