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June 19, 2008

Air Temp: Low 63° /High 85°

Water Temp: Low 80°/High 84°

Water Elevation: 359.2 (359 is Summer Pool)

Water Clarity: Clear but stained (4’ to 5’ visibility)

Water Current: Very little

The past few weeks I’ve been busy fishing deep ledges on the main lake. We’ve caught many 3LB Largemouths and a few as big as 6LBs. We’ve also been catching a fair number of big White Bass, an occasional big Striper (6-8LBs), and a few large Sauger. When it’s hot and there’s a good chance of some river current, there’s no place I’d rather be than out in the middle of the lake looking for a big school of hungry fish. However, for the past week the weather has been fairly mild and I’ve found myself venturing back into the bays and I’ve found faster action but smaller fish there. This year’s hatch of fish (fry) have gotten a little size to them now and there is a lot of surface feeding by Bass, Whites, Skip Jack, and even Bluegill and Red Ears. To find good action right now, tie on a 1/8 to 1/4 oz inline spinner and go for a boat ride early in the morning looking for surface busting fish. The fish are usually on shallow gravel bars, shady main lake banks, or grassy flats, but may be out in open water. When you see these busting fish ease your boat near enough to cast past them and real your spinner thru them and you’ll catch Largemouth, Smallmouth, Whites, Yellows, Bluegill, and who knows what else. Good, Easy, fun fishing!

Most of the larger fish are on the main lake now but there are still good sized fish shallow. Docks, stake beds, grassy flats, shoreline brush and grass, shady banks, ledges, and gravel bars are all producing fish. Horny toads, Sammys, and buzz baits will catch fish on top right now especially in the morning and evening. Black and blue spinner baits fished on main lake points at night will give good action, and is probably your best shot at a big Smallie right now. Inline spinners cast at busting fish will give you plenty of action in the morning and just before dark. Big worms, Carolina rigs, jigs, big spoons, deep cranks, and swim baits fished on ledges will probably get you bigger fish but you may have to endure more slow action between spurts of activity. These cooler nights and days do increase shallow water activity, but remember: Cooler water sinks and warmer water rises. Therefore, the deep water is still the coolest water to be found right now and that’s where most of the big fish are. I’ve caught some good sized bass as deep as 38’. That’s deep for this lake!

Action has been sporadic. Good when there is current or when you find surface busting fish. Biggest fish coming 25’ to 30’ deep on main river channel. Smaller Whites have been chasing fry on surface. Inline spinners and spoons will catch them.

I’ve caught a few good messes this past week real shallow (2’ to 4’). Small spider jigs, beetle spins, wax worms, or crickets are all effective. The action is not as good as May was but remarkably good for June.

Fish white curly tails or minnows over main lake brush in 12’ to 18’ water. I’ve heard some are still being caught much shallower.

Channel Cats are still spawning and can be caught from 4’ to 25’ deep on night crawlers, shrimp, leeches, or chicken liver.
Blues are deeper, 20’ to 40’ deep on creek and river channel. Fish large shiners, leeches, shrimp, or cut bait for some brutes.

Trolling medium running crank baits or fishing a large minnow 12’ to 25’ deep will get you some good sized Sauger (14” to 18”).

I have plenty of open dates for July thru Nov if interested give me a call: 1-877-354-6017

See Ya on the Water!

Capt Kirk, out!

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