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Aug 6, 2008

Air Temp: Low 70 / High: 96
Water temp: Low 87 / High:89.9
Water Elevation: 357.7 (359 Summer Pool)
Water Clarity: Fairly clear green stain 3ft to 4ft visibility

AUGUST ON KY LAKE! Sometimes, it’s hotter than blue blazes; other times, you catch a morning with a hint of autumn. The barn swallows have recently left our area headed for South America, and this means fall is just around the corner. On cool mornings I get excited thinking about the great fishing to come in the fall, but I know I’ll miss the hot action found in the middle of a hot summer day!

For example: A few days ago I had a 4-hour morning trip for ”meat fish”. We caught our limits of white and yellow bass in a couple of hours, then caught and released some largemouth bass. We had a very successful and comfortable fishing trip and were off the water by 10:00 AM. I had just returned from a 3-day mini-vacation to a theme park---I hadn’t fished in 3 days---so the 4-hour trip wasn’t quite enough of a ”fix” for me and the largemouth action towards the end perked my interest. I asked my wife and son if they’d like to go out fishing for a couple of hours and they declined, saying it was too hot! So, I went alone. On my first stop I caught a few smaller bass on a jig but could tell there were more there than I’d caught, so I switched to a big spoon and proceeded to catch six fish, each over 3.5 lbs. I felt I was on to something, so I ran a few miles and tried another, similar spot. Here I was rewarded with even better action; I boated 3 largemouths over 4 lbs., one 30-lb. flat-head catfish, and 4 Smallmouths over 4 lbs., all on the spoon. I then felt my urge to fish ”fixed,” so I went to the house, feeling very fulfilled! I’d fished from 2 PM to 4 PM on a 95° day and, yes, I’ll miss these hot summer days when they’re gone!

August is spoon time on KY Lake! Get yourself an assortment of spoons from 1/4-oz. to 1 oz., 2” to 6” long; and you’re equipped to catch every species of fish in KY Lake.

LET’S GO FISHING! Call me @ 877-354-6017.

Capt. Kirk, out!

I’ll start Crappie fishing in Sept. Get your trip booked soon; I’ve got about half my month booked now.

11442 US Hwy 68 East   Benton, KY  42025
270-354-6017 or 877-354-6017