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March 19, 2009

Air Temp: Low 48° / High 61°

Water Temp: Low 54° / High 58°

Water Elevation: 355.59’ (359’ is Summer Pool)

Water Clarity: Pretty Clear (4ft visibility)

March on KY day it’s 75° and sunny and the next it’s 32° and sleeting. I’ve fished thru both this month and the only consistent thing about this month was that the fish have been biting good! I’ve mostly Crappie fished so far this season and have found them pretty agreeable. I’ve had days (one, 3-10-09) where my clients were complaining about their thumb being sore and their arm hurting from catching so many Crappie! No lie! We seem to have an abundance of 9 ” Crappie in the lake this year and a good number of big fish as well. I’ve weighed one 3 Lber this year. Check web site for photos.

I’ve heard the bass fishing has been extremely good also. It took almost 30 Lbs (5 fish) to win the recent BFL. I’m guiding on bass today so I hope to get you some good pictures.

I´m catching my fish shallow on warm days (2’to 5’) and deeper on cooler days (10’to 25’). All my Crappies have been caught by casting plastic tubes on 1/16 oz to 1/8 oz jigs. Some sort of chartreuse has been the only color I´ve thrown, but my clients have caught them on a wide variety of colors. A 1/32 oz jig fished under a weighted bobber is deadly this time of year. The Crappies are seeking the warmest water they can find right now, so that´s what I´m looking for also.

Fishing crank baits, jerk baits, and rattle traps on pea gravel main lake and secondary pts is a consistent pattern this time of year. A 9 yr old boy weighed a 9.4 Lb Largemouth the other day at a local bait shop. He said he caught it on a June bug plastic worm. Maybe I should try that!

I’ve been catching some big Red Ears and nice Bluegill while Crappie fishing shallow. The best bite would be found fishing 15’ to 20’ deep on ledges with wax worms.

It’s 4:30 AM right now and I’ve got to respool a couple reels and dig out some of my favorite crank baits because I’m going ”Hawg” hunting today! I might also see if I can find a few June bug worms to take along.

See ya on the Water!

Capt Kirk, out!

If you’re in need of a great fishing experience on KY Lake give me a call at 866-354-6017 or e-mail me at I’ll do all I can for you!

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