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March 4, 2010

Air Temperature: Low of 28°F, High of 51°F
Water Temperature: Low of 41°F, High of 44°F
Water Elevation: 354.3’ (354 winter pool)
Water Clarity: 2’ to 3’ visibility (a little dirty)

Here Fishy Fishy, here fishy fishy... Ready or not, here I come!

The calendar tells me it’s time to go catch ´em, the water temperature tells me to wait ´till it warms up a little more. I’ve been hearing the ”Spring Peepers” (frogs) in the puddles of water along the road. I saw a ground hog yesterday sitting on his hind legs by the road. The Easter flowers are up and ready to bloom. The weather man is forecasting a warming trend for the next week. Someone is going to be out there on the lake catching might as well be me!

I’ve done less fishing this past winter than any in my 16 years of guiding. Yes, we had a long cold winter. I’ve been getting out on the water a fair bit this past week and have had some periods of good fish catching and some periods of no fish catching. We’ve caught and released some quality Largemouth, Crappie, Yellow Bass, and a few Pickerel. The right spot at the right time with the right presentation is huge right now. I am confident that with warmer temps on the way the bite will improve.

Notes on Action: It’s a tough bite right now overall, but good action and large fish are being found sporadically. There was a 5 fish bag weighed at a recent tournament that went 26Lbs.
What to Use: Suspending jerk baits, lipless crank baits, and medium running crank baits are productive on the shallower fish and a jig & worm or jig & pig will catch deeper fish.
Where to Fish: Banks and shallow flats 2’ to 8’ deep in the back third of larger bays have given me the best action. I believe the majority of fish are still deep on the main lake. A jig fished 15’ deep on the top side of deep ledges has also been productive. Shallower flats on main lake banks are producing some big fish also.

Notes on the Action: I’ve seen some good action but more shorts than keepers. The big flow of big fish shallow is still to come. I’ve done better casting than vertical.
What to Use: 1/8 oz and 1/16 oz tube jigs in some form of chanteuse.
Where to Fish: Brush piles in 8’ of water in the back of larger bays has been most productive for me. Deep brush 15’ to 30’ on the main lake has also been productive but not as reliable as the fish in the backs of bays.

Notes on Action: I haven’t targeted them yet this year but did catch some while Crappie fishing.
What to Use: A small #6 hook baited with a wax worm and fished on a split shot rig will catch plenty.
Where to Fish: Deep brush on ledges 10’ to 20’ deep.

Notes on Action: I haven’t fished for them but I have noticed the commercial fishermen are fishing near or in the main river channel.

Notes on Action: I’ve been told by a reliable source that there are some quality fish being caught below the dam.

If you need some help getting out on beautiful Kentucky Lake to catch some fish, give me a call at 877-354-6017.

Capt Kirk, out!

11442 US Hwy 68 East   Benton, KY  42025
270-354-6017 or 877-354-6017