Kentucky Lake fishing guide service with Captain Kirk Weber   Kentucky Lake fishing guide service with Captain Kirk Weber  
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June 3, 2010

Air Temperature: Low 66°F / High 88 °F
Water Temperature: Low 78°F / High 81 °F
Water Elevation: 359’ (Summer Pool)
Water Visibility: 4’ visibility with green stain

BASS RULE on Kentucky Lake the month of June!! 100 bass days are pretty normal this time of year. It doesn’t seem to matter what species you’re targeting, you will catch Largemouth Bass. I’ve noticed quite a few anglers with bandages on their thumbs from lipping so many fish. If you want to experience world class structure bass fishing, you need to head for KY Lake. The pros are!

Notes on Action: Smallmouth and Largemouth bass are mostly post spawn and feeding voraciously on crawfish, gizzard shad, Bluegill and small fry (this year’s hatch)..
What to Use: Big and small crank baits, spinner baits, blade baits, big and small soft plastics, and jigs are all productive right now. If you want to make it simple, just buy some 1/4 oz brush jumper shaky heads, a bulk pack of watermelon baby brush hogs, tie it on a rod with 8 lb fluorocarbon line and go catch ´em. We’ve had Smallmouth over 5 lbs and Largemouth over 7 lbs on this combo in the past week.
Where to Fish: Largemouths are being caught as deep as 26’ and as shallow as 1’. I’ve found the best action and size on ledges 10’ to 20’ deep. Smallmouths are feeding on this year’s fry and have been best for me on shallower gravel bars 8’ to 10’ deep.

Notes on the Action: The action has slowed but good catches can still be made.
What to Use: Crickets, worms, small spinners will produce.
Where to Fish: Gravel bars at the mouths of bays 2’ to 6’ deep.

Notes on the Action: Still catching some Crappie, but will require patience and dedication.
What to Use: Minnows.
Where to Fish: Brush piles in 15’ to 25’ of water.

Notes on the Action: Seeing some action with fish feeding on this year’s fry.
What to Use: Small inline spinners.
Where to Fish: Shallow gravel bars on the main lake and bridge pilings.

Notes on the Action: Seeing some action.
What to Use: Night crawlers, shrimp, leeches, and minnows are productive.
Where to Fish: 4’ to 15’ off rocky banks.

If I can help get you out on KY Lake for a great fishing experience call 877-354-6017.

See ya on the water!

Capt Kirk, out!

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