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Aug 5, 2010

Air Temperature: Low 80°F / High 95 °F
Water Temperature: Low 87°F
Water Elevation: 358’ (359’ Summer Pool)
Water Visibility: 4’ visibility with green stain

Hard hitting, strong fighting, fast action, and good eating. That pretty well describes the white bass action on KY Lake the month of August. I’ve mostly been White Bass fishing the past couple of weeks and we’ve filled our limit almost every day, then we’ve spent the remainder of our time catching and releasing Largemouth Bass. It’s been a little on the warm side lately, but the early mornings have been very pleasant. This heat should break before September arrives and then I’ll start combo Crappie, White Bass, Large and Smallmouth Bass trips. I still have some openings so if you’re interested, give me a call at 877-354-6017.
To check out pictures of recent catches, visit my website at

Notes on the Action: Finding good action with fish averaging 1.5 Lbs.
What to Use: 3/8 oz and oz spoons, inline spinners, and blade baits.
Where to Fish: Humps, flats, ridges, and shell beds 15’ to 25’ deep on main lake.

Notes on Action: Good action with fish 14” to 16” and an occasional ”Hawg” mixed in.
What to Use: 4” to 12” soft plastics, jigs, spoons, blade baits, and swim baits are all producing.
Where to Fish: Bass are being caught from the back of bays shallow to the deep edge of the river channel. Finding the best action 10’ to 20’ deep on the main lake.

Notes on Action: Good sized fish are being caught at night.
What to Use: Large dark colored spinners, jigs, and tubes.
Where to Fish: Main lake banks.

Notes on the Action: I’ve had a few accidental catches while White Bass fishing. I’ll get serious after them next month.
What to Use: Minnows and jigs.
Where to Fish: Main lake brush 10’ to 20’ deep or 10’ to 12’ deep on flats in large bays.

Notes on the Action: Fair action can be found.
What to Use: Crickets, worms, small spinners.
Where to Fish: Around docks, stake beds, under trees over hanging the water, and deep shell beds on the main lake.

Notes on the Action: August and September offer some of the best action of the year.
What to Use: Night crawlers, shrimp, leeches, cut bait, stink baits or minnows are all good baits.
Where to Fish: 20’ to 45’ deep on the main lake or 10’ to 20’ deep in the bays.

If I can help get you out on KY Lake for a great fishing experience call 877-354-6017.

See ya on the water!

Capt Kirk, out!

11442 US Hwy 68 East   Benton, KY  42025
270-354-6017 or 877-354-6017