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Sept 30, 2010

Air Temperature: Low 53°F, High 75°F
Water Temperature: Low 72°F, High 75°F (falling)
Water Elevation: 355’ (354 winter pool)
Water Clarity: 3’ visibility, green stain

Fall seems to have finally arrived on Kentucky Lake! I’ll miss wearing shorts but look forward to being comfortable all day long. I’ve done more bass fishing this past month than usual due to the heat and great action. This past week I’ve been sampling the Crappie and catching pretty good.

Be sure to view pictures of recent catches on my "Pictures" web page. My October is mostly booked but you can still get in on the great November Crappie and Bass action. Call me at 877-354-6017

Notes on Action: Brian Dobeicki (one of my clients) put it this way...”The action was so good I had to wear asbestos gloves to keep from burning my hands on the reel.” I love that guy!
What to Use: Carolina rigged baby brush hogs, jigs, blade baits, spinner baits, and spoons have caught most of our fish lately. Top waters, spinner baits, and shallow cranks should be more productive soon!
Where to Fish: Deeper flats 14’ to 17’ have been most productive but with the cooler temps, I’ll be fishing shallow points and gravel bars more soon.

Notes on the Action: The Bite is a little slow but catching some good numbers by staying with it. The size of the fish is real good...mostly 13” to 14” and unusually fat for this time of year.
What to Use: Jigs and minnows.
Where to Fish: Stumps, stake beds, and brush piles in 8’ to 20’.

Notes on the Action: Good numbers can be caught.
What to Use: Night Crawlers.
Where to Fish: Gravel points with a little wood in 6’ to 10’ of water.

Notes on the Action: Good action can be found when there is current on the main lake and sporadically in the backs of bays.
What to Use: Inline spinners and spoons.

Notes on the Action: Good action.
What to Use: Shrimp, leeches, night crawlers, etc.
Where to Fish: 15’ for channel cats and 30’ to 50’ for Blues.

Notes on the Action: Book me in November and we’ll catch them!

If I can help get you out on KY Lake for a great fishing experience call 877-354-6017.

See ya on the water!
Capt Kirk, out!

11442 US Hwy 68 East   Benton, KY  42025
270-354-6017 or 877-354-6017