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April 26, 2011

Air Temperature: Low 61, High 77
Water Temperature: Low 65.6
Water Elevation: 358.5' (359 Summer Pool)
Water Clarity: Starting to get dirty

This is Captain Kirk reporting from the Western KY Rain Forest and the soon to be Amazon-like River (KY Lake).
Yes, we've had lots of rain and yes, the water elevation is bound to raise, but so far TVA has kept the water levels pretty normal and the high current flow has given us a great Bass bite on ledges and points for the past week. The word is that this Friday the gates will close on the dam and our water will rise. Yes this will be an inconvenience for dock and marina owners and the bite will change, but don't despair...great shallow water fishing for Bass, Bluegill, Red Ears, Catfish, and Crappie will ensue. I've attached a couple of pictures from last May's high water. Meat fishermen and flipping bass fishermen, this is a great time to take advantage of a unique occurrence on KY Lake. Check out the pictures on my "Pictures" page for recent photos.

Notes on Action: The action could not have been much better this past week for Largemouth Bass. With the rising water, we'll probably be catching fewer numbers but larger fish shallow.
What to Use: Soft plastics, rattle traps, spinnerbaits, chatter baits, and big cranks will all produce bass.
Where to Fish: Points and ledges have been great lately but with rising water on the way, I'd expect some of these fish will move to the backs of bays and get shallow.

Notes on Action: Action has been slow but I've seen a real nice bunch of Red Ears cleaned at Kenlake. I look for a major move to the shallows as the water rises.
What to Use: Crickets, earthworms, wax worms, and small jigs will all produce.
Where to Fish: 2' to 5' along the shoreline.

Notes on Action: Some nice catches still being made.
What to Use: Chartreuse 2 1/2" curly tails and a bobber & minnow will get ya some.
Where to Fish: 4' to 10' deep on points.

Notes on Action: When this water rises, the Channel Cats will come shallow.
What to Use: Shrimp, leeches, night crawlers, and chicken liver will all produce.
Where to Fish: 4' deep along the shoreline.

While boating in high water situations always decrease your speed and keep an eye out for floating debris. KY Lake on a bad day is rarely as bad as the Ohio River on a good day.

If I can help get you out on KY Lake for a great fishing experience, call 877-354-6017. If you'd like to view pictures of past and recent catches, check 'em out at my "Pictures" page on my web site

See ya on the water!
Captain Kirk, out!

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270-354-6017 or 877-354-6017