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May 2, 2011

Air Temperature: Low 51, High 77
Water Temperature: Low 66
Water Elevation: 371.49' (359 Summer Pool)
Water Clarity: Getting dirty

What started out as a unique set of fishing conditions has turned into a real hardship for all involved in this "Flood of 2011". Pray these dams hold and some day we'll have our beautiful Kentucky Lake back! Don't get me wrong though, we caught fish good yesterday and I plan on catching some again tomorrow. Today we've just been rained out.

If you'd like to view pictures of recent catches, go to my "Pictures" web page.

Notes on Action: A few days ago we had good action on 14" to 17" bass as they moved into the newly flooded timber. Now there's more water and good action can still be found but it may take more searching to find them.
What to Use: Lizards, worms, jigs, spinner baits, and chatter baits will produce.
Where to Fish: Anywhere you can get to the bank and creek mouths in the backs of bays are good places to look. Fish 1' to 10' deep.

Notes on Action: We caught 57 nice sized Bluegill and Red Ear in 2 1/2 hours yesterday.
What to Use: We caught 'em on 1/16 oz & 1/32 oz spider jigs tipped with a wax worm.
Where to Fish: 3' to 8' in grassy (lawn) areas and road beds.

Notes on Action: A couple days ago we caught some (five), but found the action slow.
What to Use: Chartreuse 2 1/2" curly tails on 1/8 oz jigs.
Where to Fish: Brush piles in 18' of water is where we found 'em.

Notes on Action: Good action can be found on channel cats right now.
What to Use: We caught 'em on shrimp.
Where to Fish: Fish 4' to 8' deep on the outer edge of trees for great action!

While boating in high water situations always decrease your speed and keep an eye out for floating debris. I've heard no information about closing the lake.

We'd like to welcome Bass & Gas to our area. They're having an open house May 27th with tackle specials and professional fishermen for intertainment. Call (270)527-1900 for more information.

Now's a good time to book your summer family fishing trip. I still have good dates available!

If I can help get you out on KY Lake for a great fishing experience, call 877-354-6017. If you'd like to view pictures of past and recent catches, check 'em out at my "Pictures" page on my web site

See ya on the water!
Captain Kirk, out!

11442 US Hwy 68 East   Benton, KY  42025
270-354-6017 or 877-354-6017