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June 30, 2011

Air Temperature: Low 65, High 85
Water Temperature: Low 79, High 81
Water Elevation: 360.5' (Summer Pool 359')
Water Clarity: 4' to 5' Visibility - green stain

This past week has been a guide's dream come true. Great weather, great fishing, and great people to fish with! I invite you to check out the pictures on my website. I've had the pleasure of fishing with the best 9 year old bass fisherman I've ever met. Jack Dittert caught bass steadily for 8 hours on artificial baits. That rod was an extension of that boy's body and he was "in tune" with his bait! His only complaint all day was that his arm was starting to hurt a little. But quit? No way! Bill Yancy Jr. caught his personal largest bass ever. Joe Ganote caught the largest Smallmouth Bass he's ever caught and Ginger and Gerald Hicks experienced fast White Bass, Yellow Bass, Largemouth Bass, and "BIG" Crappie action.

This may be the closest to heaven I ever get, so I'm going to enjoy it!

To me, there is nothing more exciting than sitting on a ledge way out in the middle of the lake and seeing a big school of bass come chasing shad out of the water. When you see 30 or 40 good size bass busting around the boat, you know you?ve got your finger on the pulse of the lake. Very close to the heart!

Now is the best time of the year for numbers and size of Largemouth Bass. The bass are schooling up and it is not unheard of to catch 60 Largemouth on one certain spot in a matter of hours. But, because the fish are schooled in big numbers on certain spots, there are many places void of fish. You will find a good, experienced fishing guide invaluable at this time of year.

Before I tell you how and what I'm catching these fish on, I would like to strongly encourage Catch and Release on Largemouth Bass and Smallmouth Bass. These bass are the future of our beloved lake and can be caught over and over and enjoyed by many if released. Keep the Stripers, White Bass, Yellow Bass, Sauger, Crappie, and Catfish for dinner!

I've been fishing drop-offs (ledges) where the water depth goes from 12' to 20' or 30' quickly. A little wood on this ledge like logs, brush, or stumps will go a long way. My main bait I've been using for bass has been a 10" worm, Texas Rigged with a 1/2 oz bullet weight. Plum, watermelon, and June Bug have all produced well. I've also caught bass on 3/4 oz Spinner Baits (chartreuse & white), Double Willow Blades fished deep, big cranks, and 1/2 oz or 3/4 oz jig with plastic trailer. Carolina Rigging a variety of soft plastics will also catch fish. To catch a larger variety of fish, I've been fishing large minnows on a split shot rig with 8 LB test. Drop that minnow down on a ledge with a lot of fish on it and you will catch Stripers, White Bass, Sauger, Catfish, Crappie, AND Bass. Do battle with a 10LB Striper or a 5LB Smallmouth on 8LB test, light spinning rod and you won't forget it anytime soon!

A Jigging Spoon is a mainstay this coming month for catching White Bass and anything else that eats minnows. My personal favorite is the 1/2 oz Pirk Minnow. A 3/8 oz in-line spinner will also catch White Bass on these ledges, and when cast into busting fish. After July 4th is when I get more serious after White Bass so if you need to stock your freezer give me a call.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July weekend!

Now's a good time to book a summer White Bass trip, July and August are the best months on KY Lake. The fish seem to be running larger this year! If I can help get you out on KY Lake for a great fishing experience, e-mail or call 877-354-6017.

If you'd like to view pictures of past and recent catches, check 'em out at my "Pictures" web page.

I think that's about enough for now. May God bless you with good fishing. Let's all improve our future. Take a kid fishing!
See ya on the water!
Captain Kirk, out!

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