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Sept 19, 2011

Air Temperature: Low 67, High 75
Water Temperature: Low 73, High 76
Water Elevation: 357.5' (Summer Pool 359' / Winter Pool 354')
Water Clarity: Fairly clear (3' to 5' Visibility with green stain)

As usual for this month, the weather on the lake has been very pleasant and the fish catching has been good for us "Multi-Species" Fishermen. We've had good catches of Bass, Crappie, Stripes, and Catfish.

If you'd like to view pictures of recent catches, check 'em out at my "Pictures" page on my web site

Notes on Action: We've had spurts of great action on good sized fish, but for the most part the action has been steady but slow. Yesterday, we caught 'em every cast for 45 minutes, even had 4 fish ON at once with 3 people fishing! But most of the day it was a few here and a few there.
What to Use: Crank baits (big and small), spinner baits (1/4 oz to 1oz), rattletraps, blade baits, football jigs, and plastic worms (4" to 12") have all caught fish the past couple weeks. We've had our best success throwing big cranks into surface busting fish.
Where to Fish: We've caught fish 1' deep in the back of bays and 25' deep on the main lake. We've done best though 6' to 12' deep on the west side of the lake.

Notes on Action: We've had good action catching Crappie on a couple of trips. Calmer wind days are definitely best. We've had some real big fish but the average fish has been on the small side. This will improve.
What to Use: Jigs and minnows will produce.
Where to Fish: 8' to 20' deep around cover on the main lake and at the mouths of bays.

Notes on Action: We've had great action catching Yellow and White Bass. I've caught a couple Yellow Bass this past week that were bigger than the state record (they may have been hybrids). I've got a picture on my site.
What to Use: Crappie jigs, minnows, spoons, and spinners.
Where to Fish: 8' to 20' on main lake points and ridges.

We've had some great action on eating size Blues in 30' to 45' of water using shrimp.

That's all for now. If I can help get you on KY Lake for a great fishing experience drop me a line.

See ya on the water!
Captain Kirk, out!

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